InnovaMatrix® AC Placental Extracellular Matrix

InnovaMatrix® AC

The Introduction of InnovaMatrix® AC by Triad Life Sciences® is a significant and innovative advancement in the treatment of wounds. As a new category of products, InnovaMatrix® AC offers all the inherent benefits of the placenta plus the quality control, reliability, and safety profile of a medical device.

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Material Selection

While the benefits of placental-derived allografts are well documented,1 human-derived grafts can be extremely variable due to the unique medical histories and social behaviors of each donor. Knowing this challenge, Triad selected a porcine source because it can be controlled for age, diet, health, and activity level, thereby greatly reducing the variability of the raw material used to manufacture InnovaMatrix® AC.

TriCleanse™ Process – The TriCleanse Process balances the need for decellularization while maintaining structural proteins of the ECM.

A Critical Balance

Effective decellularization removes cells and cellular debris while maintaining the structural proteins of the ECM.

A Critical Balance

Effective decellularization removes cells and cellular debris while maintaining the structural proteins of the ECM.

The presence of cells and or cellular debris in biologic wound dressings can cause an inflammatory reaction resulting in a greater M1:M2 ratio macrophage response by the host immune system at the wound site. Thoroughly decellularized biologic skin scaffolds allow the host to respond directly with a healing response, generally associated with a greater M2:M1 ratio of macrophages and leading to collagen deposition.2

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Balancing Decellularization Efficiency and the Denaturing of ECM Proteins

As a placental medical device processed with the proprietary TriCleanse™ Process,
InnovaMatrix® AC was biochemically characterized extensively to identify and quantify the different structural and functional proteins. These results were then compared to a SIS membrane device as a base line for comparison.

Cellular Debris Comparison

The presence of intact cells and nuclei creates an immunogenic response as cellular antigens are recognized as foreign by the host’s immune system.

The immune system has the innate capability to recognize nucleic acids not contained within the nucleus via pattern recognition receptors and mount an inflammatory response to their presence.

Hematoxylin & Eosin Staining

Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining is commonly used to stain tissue for histology evaluation.3 H&E stains nuclei blue and extracellular matrix and cytoplasm pink and other tissues shades in between.

InnovaMatrix® AC

The H&E staining shows no residual nuclei in the finished product.

SIS Commercial Membrane

The H&E staining shows clearly stained blue nuclei are distributed evenly throughout the finished product.

HCT/P Commercial Graft

The H&E staining shows blue stained nuclei present in the entirety of the graft with areas of high concentration in the final graft.

First-ever placental-derived medical device cleared by the FDA for wound management.

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Summary of Indications, Contraindications, and Warnings

InnovaMatrix® AC is indicated for the management of wounds including:

  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Venus Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Partial and full-thickness wounds
  • Chronic vascular ulcers
  • Tunneled/undermined wounds
  • Surgical Wounds (Donor sites/grafts, post-Mohs surgery, post-laser surgery, podiatric, and wound dehiscence)
  • Trauma Wounds (Abrasions, Lacerations and Second degree burns and skin tears)
  • Draining wounds

This device is intended for one-time use

This device is derived from porcine collagen and should not be used on patients with: sensitivity or allergy to porcine materials; sensitivity or allergy to collagen; or active or latent infection in or around the application site
This device is not indicated for use in third degree burns.

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Available Sizing

Size Product Number
15 mm Disc IMX-15MM-01
2 cm x 2 cm IMX-0202-01
4 cm x 4 cm IMX-0404-01
4 cm x 6 cm IMX-0406-01
5 cm x 5 cm IMX-0505-01

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